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We closed


We are excited to share with you that on Wednesday we have closed on the new building at 651 Amersale Drive!  We could not be more excited about our future & the future of the Chabad community!

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all of our donors who have made this dream become a reality and especially to Ken & Elaine Abrams whose generosity has provided the foundation of our future home.

While today marks a monumental milestone, this is only the beginning of our journey. We are still in need of donations & support so we can proceed with renovations & improvements to this new space. We can not wait to share our new home with you as we celebrate, learn & grow for decades to come.  Please help us build The Center for Jewish Life to fulfill the needs of our community.

Chabad of Naperville is dedicated to strengthening the Jewish Community in Naperville and the Western Suburbs. This new Center for Jewish Life will serve as a hub for all, regardless of affiliation or membership. The Center for Jewish Life is for the community and by the community. 

At Chabad, our doors and our hearts are open to all, regardless of affiliation, to embrace Judaism, learn from the Torah, celebrate as a community and truly be the Center for Jewish Life.

We invite you to visit the campaign website, learn more about our vision and how, with your help, we can achieve great things for the Jewish community of the Western Suburbs.

Thank you for your help & support.

We look forward to honoring you and inviting you to our new home.

I am happy to talk to you about naming opportunities .

Donation to help with renovation costs can be made online at www.JewishNaperville.com/building 

With great appreciation,

Rabbi Mendy & Alta Goldstein

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