Do you have a child in 6-8 grade? This is the place for them!

Whether your child has been in Hebrew School their whole life or if this would be their first experience, the Jewish Teen Discovery and Impact Program is the place for them.
This is a brand NEW program that will take place during Hebrew School hours for all Jewish middle schoolers. The focus of this program is to DISCOVER what it means to be a Jewish teen in todays day and age and to make an IMPACT on their community through a variety of humanitarian projects and trips. Led by Rabbi Mendy Goldstein, they will have the opportunity to meet new Jewish teens their age, learn and ask questions about their Jewish Heritage, and give back to the community in meaningful ways.

Through Mitzvah projects, volunteer work, visiting the old and sick, and many other humanitarian projects, students will learn and appreciate how much power they have as the future leaders of the Jewish community. They will see that their actions make an incredible impact on their surroundings. They will experience Judaism in an engaging and fun way, through open discussions, art projects, and more!

3 Part Program:

1) Discussion Based Curriculum
Led by Rabbi Mendy Goldstein the class will engage in a discussion based class about key topics in Judaism. Together they will explore their personal connection with Judaism. This curriculum is great for a student that has been through all years of Hebrew School already, as well as a student exploring and learning about Judaism for the first time. 

2) JewQ
JewQ is a national program that we are excited to be joining this year at Hebrew School! Throughout the year, each child will study a specific topic in Judaism and learn the details as best as they can. Mid year, there is a national convention for children participating in this program that takes place in NYC. Children will have the opportunity to compete on stage and showcase the knowledge they have gained. Parents will join together with their children for an incredible celebration and weekend spent with hundreds of other Jewish children and parents. 

3) Humanitarian Projects
Throughout the year, our JDIP students will partake in various humanitarian projects together as a class. We strongly believe that giving back to the community and caring about those around us has as strong of an effect on the students as it does on the people they are giving to. The students will gain an appreciation for how much they can effect the world around them. Through these giving opportunities, we are building the Jewish leaders of tomorrow!