Secrets of the Bible: Iconic Stories, Mystical Meanings, and Their Lessons for Life
November 3rd, November 10th, December 1st, and December 8th 

7:00-8:15PM In-person or on Zoom

In this course participants will explore contemporary topics and more from the lens of famous yet absurd biblical stories that are often misunderstood. Guided by 3,000-year-old wisdom, we’ll uncover the hidden meanings of stories you likely recall from Hebrew school and discover their eye-opening insights into our modern lives.

In four illuminating sessions, we explore many contemporary themes, including:
    Human subjectivity and bias
    The underpinning of all relationships
    The spiritual power of materialism
    Negotiating personal growth with practical impact
    Why inspiration is fleeting and how to make it last
    Understanding equality and privilege
    Navigating parallel spiritual and material life paths

The stories we take apart include:
    Adam, Eve, and the Tree of Knowledge
    Noah and the Great Flood
    Jacob and Esau’s Lifelong Feud
    Joseph’s Multicolored Coat
    The Golden Calf
    Korah’s Rebellion

For each of these stories, we ask three questions:
1.    What is the deeper meaning behind these stories?
2.    How do they shape the Jewish worldview?
3.    What wisdom do they hold for us today?

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