Journey of the Soul

May 11th, 18th, June 1st, June 8th

7:00-8:15PM In-person or on Zoom


While science is only beginning to explore the topic of the soul and the hereafter, the Talmud and kabbalah are replete with rich, deep, and powerful insights that paint a vivid picture. In Journey of the Soul we examine the great beyond, reincarnation, and the Jewish take on heaven and hell. And, closer to home, we'll gain insight into how we can continue our relationships with our loved ones who are no longer with us, what we can do for them, and what they know of us. 

You'll walk away:

  • Knowing the answers to the big questions of life
  • Equipped with powerful tools to enhance the quality and richness of your own life
  • You will also gain tremendous insight into Judaism's rituals surrounding death and mourning, for example kaddish and shivah, that provide a sophisticated template for understanding the soul and it's heaven-bound journey.

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