Promote your business!  Recognize special dates or yahrtzeits!

With great excitement, The Chabad Jewish Center has begun working on publishing the annual local Jewish Art Calendar. The 2018 - 2019 / 5779 calendar will be mailed and distributed free of charge to the entire community and to all participating businesses in September 2018, before the upcoming Jewish New Year. The Jewish Art Calendar is Naperville’s only local Jewish and Secular combination calendar, with thousands of readers locally.


Currently, the calendar also serves as a fundraiser, through its advertising and greeting opportunities. This project is an outstanding opportunity for you to extend warm greetings, to insert your special occasions on the actual calendar date, and for your business to publicize your goods or services, ensuring optimum visibility for what you provide.    

The calendar will include:

  • Both the Secular and Hebrew calendar
  • Advertising from local businesses ensuring optimum visibility for products & services
  • Information on Jewish Holidays
  • Educational messages
  • Local Shabbat and Holiday candle lighting times
  • Recipes for traditional foods
  • Ample room for appointments and reminders

This project is an outstanding opportunity for individuals and families to extend warm greetings, and for local businesses to publicize their goods or services.

Please fill out the  web form indicating how you wish to participate in the Jewish Art Calendar.

***Deadline July 31st , 2018

For additional questions or assistance please call Chabad at (630)-344-9770 or email