By Rabbi Mendy Goldstein

Welcome to Camp Gan Israel, part of the largest and fastest growing network of Jewish day camps in the world.…

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  • UpStart Awards ZABS Place National Recognition j M Y \| g:i a

  • West Orange Celebrates Opening of New Chabad Center j M Y \| g:i a

    The Jewish community of West Orange, NJ participated in the dedication of Chabad’s new center, June 14. The center is located at 401 Pleasant Valley Way in West Orange.

  • Chabad Rabbi Competes on CHOPPED j M Y \| g:i a

    It is Leap of Faith, literally and otherwise, the latest episode of the Food Network’s popular cooking competition, Chopped. Rabbinic contestant, Rabbi Hanoch Hecht, Chabad’s representative to Rhinebeck, New York, faced off with three other clerics in the episode airing[…]

  • Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is presented with surprise gift. j M Y \| g:i a

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who came to Russia to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin, sent a virtual prayer note through the “Western Wall” display shown at the new educational exhibition in front of the Kremlin in central Moscow.Highlight of[…]

  • FJC Kickstarts Exciting New Summer Program j M Y \| g:i a

    This year, 30 members of EnerJew gathered in Moscow to work on their new project, SummerJew, which will see these same camps staffed with local EnerJew members.

  • Changing the Landscape of Jewish Life in the FSU j M Y \| g:i a

    On Sunday, the Jewish community will celebrate the holiday of Shavuot, marking the Sinai revelation, when the Jews received the Torah 3,328 years ago. Now thousands of Jews, no longer under Communism’s hammer and sickle, can appreciate its meaning at[…]

  • Philanthropist Mr. David Chase, 86 j M Y \| g:i a

    Philanthropist extraordinaire, Mr. David Chase, a founding member of the Machne Israel Development Fund and Chairman of the Board of the Rabbinical College of America, passed away at the age of 86. .

  • Wordsmith: Farbrengen j M Y \| g:i a

    Faint echoes of German can be heard in Yiddish. Translators and lexicographers struggling to capture the meaning of a Yiddish word can sometimes amplify those sounds until a rich and nuanced definition resonates from the German origins.

  • Remembering Rivky j M Y \| g:i a

    Rivky Berman, a young woman who battled serious illness while serving as a Chabad emissary, passed away Monday. Rivky’s pluck and perseverance, her larger-than-life attitude in the face of great challenge, made her an inspiration to many. She was 29.

  • Shliach and AF Chaplain (Capt.) Elie Estrin with Capt. Ari Wood and Lt Commander Greg Touchton honor U.S military veterans. j M Y \| g:i a

    Shliach and AF Chaplain (Capt.) Elie Estrin with Capt. Ari Wood (US Army) and Lt Commander Greg Touchton (US Navy) place flags and pray at the graves of US military veterans in Seattle, in a program sponsored by the local[…]